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    Sam struggles to come to terms not only with having this disease, but also having to face the uncertainty and fear of her friends, classmates, and even her siblings. We see her learn to accept that while she will never be normal, her diabetes does not make her weak or unlucky. It is a positive story of overcoming life’s unexpected challenges and learning to live the hand you were dealt. . .If you have a reader at home that likes a feel-good, realistic, “issues” story, I highly recommend it!

    On Page 394

    After All, You’re Callie Boone

    Callie’s process of self-discovery is realistic and appealing, as are the story’s themes about the importance and rewards of compassion and support.

    – Booklist

    Good pacing leads the story to a climactic family tragedy in which Callie believably realizes the true meaning of friendship as well as the value in a strong, supportive, if quirky, family.  Dive in, this story is fine.

    – Kirkus

    Young female readers should be attracted to Mack’s earnest characters and hopeful message.

    – Publisher’s Weekly

    Mack’s well-drawn personalities and lighthearted touch keep the narrative lively and engaging. Youngsters will find themselves laughing at Callie and her colorful family, even as they recognize themselves in her story.

    – School Library Journal

    I LOVED this tale about summer gone bad, the struggle with young friendships and a necessary coming of age.  Mack is a genius storyteller and seems to live in a tween’s head.

    – Robin Rivers, Rainy Day Book Club

    What makes this book so appealing is that its themes are just as valuable to a parent as to a child—friendship, family values, doing your best is just as good as winning. What a bonus! Written with insight, humour, and lots of family interaction, author Winnie Mack—a writer of many adult novels under another pseudonym— has given us a great debut novel for young readers.

    – Laura Fabiani, Library of Clean Reads

    On the surface, this charming novel has all the elements of a summer book for tweens- bike riding, community swimming pool, lemonade stands, and trips to the ice cream parlour. But despite a summery setting and lighter tone, Winnie Mack also manages to hit some emotional notes that make this novel deeper than just a nice summer read.

    – Vikki Van Sickle, Pipedreaming

    (The) book was awesome! I couldn’t put it down!

    Morgan Truair, age 9

    Hopefully, Mack will catch up with Callie in a couple of years with a follow-up.

    Quill & Quire

    Callie Boone is one of my favorite books. I read it in two days. There are lots of disasters during her summer. I love reading it because it’s so funny.

    Flannery Bogost, age 7