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  • New York visit

    Date: 2013.04.21 | Category: On the Move | Response: 0

    I’ve just returned for a trip to New York, where I met with the editor who worked on the paperback edition of  “After All, You’re Callie Boone”. It was great to be able to thank her in person for all of her efforts (Especially the new cover! See below this post. . .)

    I had a great time seeing the sights, including one very famous building:

    The beautiful New York Public Library

    I even came across a kids’ orchestra from California, in town to play a concert at Carnegie Hall. They sounded great as they made their way past Radio City Music Hall.

    Soundtrack of the city

  • A visit to Toronto

    Date: 2011.10.03 | Category: On the Move | Response: 0

    I recently visited Toronto, Canada. It’s the home of Scholastic Canada, the publisher of  “After All, You’re Callie Boone” as well as the books I’ve written  for boys under the name W.C. Mack (“Hat Trick” and “Line Change”).

    I wanted to share a picture of myself in front of their office, where I met editors, designers, marketing wizards and all kinds of folks who love books as much as I do.

    Anyway, the Scholastic building looks like just the kind of place I would have imagined as a kid, when I first started to dream of being a writer.

    Who doesn't love a big red dog?

  • A Book Club Visit

    Date: 2010.11.17 | Category: On the Move | Response: 0

    The gang's all here!

    I’ve just returned from a lovely visit to Seattle, where I dropped in on a local book club,  who’d just read “After All, You’re Callie Boone”.

    They were kind enough to let me listen in on their discussion, then had some great questions for me, like:

    Q: Why is Callie Boone a diver?

    A: I wanted Callie to be training for something she’d ultimately have to do alone. No matter how much she practices and how much help she gets from the people around her, when it comes to the competition, and she’s standing at the edge of the diving board, it’s all up to her.

    Q: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

    A: Since I was a little kid. I loved to read and I always wanted to see my own book on a library shelf.

    Q: Do you like writing?

    A: Yes. I love it, and it’s a very big part of my life. It’s kind of a funny hobby, though, because writing a book involves spending a lot of time alone, but after it’s finished, a writer has to switch gears and start talking about the book with readers, interviewers, etc. Something that had been very private  suddenly becomes public!

    Q: Do you use people you know as characters?

    A: Sometimes there are bits and pieces of friends and family in the characters.  Sometimes I use real arguments that I may have lost in real life. The fun thing about fiction is that I can think about what I wish I’d said, and  re-write the moment.

  • Back to School

    Date: 2010.06.18 | Category: On the Move | Response: 0

    I recently paid a visit to Mulgrave School (in my hometown of  West Vancouver, B.C.)  to chat with a group of 63 Sixth Grade students about writing, inspiration and more.

    It was my first school visit and I was asked all kinds of great questions, like:

    Q: Are your  characters are based on yourself and people you know?

    A:  I use bits and pieces from real people (including myself!) but make up the rest.  It’s interesting to see who recognizes themselves. . .and who doesn’t!

    Q: Did you keep your 137 rejection letters?

    A: Yes, I did! When I was at UVic, one of my professors mentioned he had enough rejection letters to wallpaper a house. I think I have enough for a small bathroom.

    Anyway, I had a great time talking with the students and I was amazed by how many of them were already working on writing projects of their own.  Very cool!

  • Canadian Launch

    Date: 2010.05.03 | Category: On the Move | Response: 0

    I’ve just returned from a trip to my hometown of Vancouver, B.C. for the Canadian launch of “After All,You’re Callie Boone”.

    My host was Kidbooks at Edgemont Village,and they made me feel very welcome.

    I had a great time, visiting with a small group of friends and family, eating cupcakes and signing books.

  • Back from New York

    Date: 2010.02.09 | Category: On the Move | Response: 0

    I’ve just returned from a trip to New York, where I visited the Flat Iron Building (see below), which is the home of my publisher. If you’ve seen “Spiderman”, you’ll recognize it.

    During my visit, I met my editor, Jean, for the first time. It was great to be able to chat face-to-face with the woman who liked Callie Boone enough to give her (and me) a chance. I also met Jean’s very cool team, including the folks who handle everything from editing to promoting the book.

    You might think I look like a superhero in the photo, but I swear it’s just the puffy jacket. New York was fun. . .but freezing!

    How crazy is this building?